Ostia Antica
  Take a few hours to discover the largest archeological...


Take a few hours to discover the largest archeological site at approximately 30 kilometres from Rome.

Ostia Antica is close to the modern suburb of Ostia, that was the location of the harbour city of ancient Rome. Situated amongst cypress and Mediterranean pine trees, the ruins of the port of ancient Rome reveal more than any other monument in the capital, what everyday life must have been like in ancient times.

Your can visit to Ostia Antica starts at Via delle Tombe which leads to the Porta Romana, one of the city’s three gates. This is the beginning of the Decumanus Maximus, the main thoroughfare that crosses the city from north east to south west. Then you will arrive at the Terme di Nettuno where you can admire the beautiful black and white mosaics representing Neptune and Amphitrite, the theatre built by Agrippa and the Forum which formed the centre of the city.

Here you will discover the principle public buildings, Il Capitolium and the Temple of Rome and Augustus, the Basilica and the large thermal baths. Near the forum square you will also find the House of Diana and the Thermopolium an ancient roman bar with a marble counter and a fresco depicting the fruit and foodstuffs that were sold there.

At the end of Via dei Dipinti, the Museo Ostiense displays some of the ancient sculptures and mosaics found among the ruins. It is interesting to explore the remains of the ancient city, such as mosaics, baths, theatres and sculpture. Ostia is today still lying next to the Tiber river, but at a distance of some three kilometers from the beach.

The tour is 6h long.  Ancient Ostia is closed on Monday.


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